Sunny Spring Paper Wreath & Flowers

The changing of seasons is quickly approaching...the signs are all around our house: my hubby's days have lengthened since his Track & Field season is starting; his athletes are getting into shape; the birds are singing as they return from their winter migration to begin the nesting process; and I saw male and female cardinals the other day! As a result, I was inspired to start preparing our home for Spring now. Since the twisted paper and wired paper ribbon I had on hand were just the colors for this season change, I decided to make this Spring Paper Wreath & Flowers. 

Spring Paper Wreath & Flowers from Craft-D-ness
Welcome Spring and all that it entails!

Wreath supplies - styrofoam wreath form, twisted paper and wired paper ribbon

To make this wreath, the supplies were simple. Of course, I started with a 14" styrofoam wreath form. To cover the form and to create the flowers, I used Wired Edged Ribbon, and Double-sided Paper Twist. In addition to the above, I used hot glue, scalloped-edged crafting scissors, regular scissors, jewelry pliers, and straight pins. 
Styrofoam wreath form covered in gingham wired ribbon using straight pins

I covered the styrofoam form with this yellow gingham wired ribbon using straight pins, although the ribbon wire also helps it stay on the form.

Blue Gingham Print Twist Flower
To make this blue gingham flower - I cut out a circle of thin cardboard and set it aside. Then I started rolling the twisted paper around hot gluing it to itself as I went around until I got it to the size I liked. Then I retrieved the circle of thin cardboard and glued the coiled flower to it. I wanted to embellish the flower further so I untwisted a few strands of the paper and glued them to the back of the cardboard circle. Finally, I used the cardboard circle as the contact to the wreath form, again using hot glue. 

Yellow paper petal flower with a coiled center.

 To make the yellow flower, I removed the wire from  both edges of the wired paper ribbon. Then I cut it into strips. I used my craft scissors to give a scalloped edge to the paper. Again, I used a cardboard circle to affix the paper petals layering them as I went around. Once they were attached, I cut them into a ruffle-like pattern so it looks like many little petals. For the flower center I coiled twisted paper, just as in the blue gingham flower above.

Removing the wire from the wired paper ribbon.
Here I am removing the wire from one side of the paper ribbon. I used a set of jewelry pliers to pull it free.

Creating fan-like petals with the wired ribbon for the paper flower.

I only removed the wire from one side of the ribbon. The side I attached to the thin cardboard circle has no wire and the outer edge of the "fan petal" is wired to insure it holds the shape. I made 2 or 3 of these fan petal sections and attached them to the cardboard creating the fan flower.

Covering a bottle lid with twisted paper to create a button-like center to the paper flower.

The fan flower had a hole in the center, so it was necessary to cover it by making a center "button" for the paper bloom. To accomplish this, I took a bottle lid and hot glued a piece of unfurled twisted paper to it.

Close up shot of the Spring paper flower trio

Here's a close-up of the finished trio of paper flowers. I really liked the results since working with twisted paper and wired paper ribbon was a first for me. However, I did make a Spring Wreath out of paper napkins once.

Sunny Spring Paper Wreath & Flowers

 I love the simplicity of this wreath. Although it is a simple paper wreath, I think it says SPRING in a big way!

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