Rustic Wood, Wire & Burlap Napkin Rings

One of my great desires is to use natural elements that we are plentifully blessed with and reuse some things to extend their life beyond the original intent. Add to that my desire to learn how to really effectively use my wood burning tool (pyrography), and this beginner project, Rustic Burlap Napkin Ring, is the ideal jumping off point. Embellishing this napkin ring with a snowflake pattern on wood allowed me to use the wood burner more than I have since I received it some time ago and to get really comfortable using it. 
Rustic Wood, Wire & Burlap Napkin Ring
Rustic Wood, Wire & Burlap Napkin Ring

My very first wood burning adventure went well (I didn't get hurt or burn the house down...win!). I made a Gourd Birdhouse and used pyrography to decorate it. 

I did make some safety changes, however, that I highly recommend in the event you want to pursue this craft. My recommendation...you need a better stand for your wood burner than what they sell in the kit! 

Flimsy Standard Wood Burning Tool Stand
Flimsy METAL Wood Burning Tool Stand
The cord would twist and the burner stand would want to tilt and that is not good...the burner tool and the decorative tips get hot! This is much hotter than a hot glue gun (my wood burning tool heats to 950°F). To fix the tipping stand problem, I had my brother design and construct this wood burner stand to hold the hot burner and a tray to place the hot tips; now I feel confident enough to learn the craft. 

Homemade Wood Burning Tool Stand for Safety
My Homemade Wood Burning Tool Stand for Safety
The first step in making these Rustic Napkin Ring holders was covering the cardboard tubes (toilet paper roll cut in half) in green burlap using hot glue. I think the green burlap adds a lodge-like or cabin look to the napkin rings. Once the cardboard tubes were covered, I was ready to embellish them. (Styling note: I did not paint my tubes prior to covering with the burlap, but doing so might add another layer of interest.)

Cardboard tubes, burlap strips and hot glue
Cardboard tubes, burlap strips and hot glue
I took branch trimmings that had been cut into small rounds, and I burnt a snowflake pattern into each one. Then I used  silver glitter glue to add an icy sparkle. 

Wood Burning Tool Tips - called the calligraphy point & the tapered point
Wood Burning Tool Tips I used to make the snowflake patterns
napkin ring close-up of the showflake pattern on the wood disc embellishment
Since no two snowflakes are alike, you have liberty to make any pattern you choose.

We drilled a hole in the wood rounds and I used copper wire to attach a decorative wood piece to each burlap covered cardboard tube, creating the rustic napkin rings. 
[I threaded the wire through from each direction and then curled the wire on each side of the hole to secure it in place.]

Rustic Snowflake Napkin Holders...wood, wire and burlap
Rustic Snowflake Napkin Holders...wood, wire and burlap

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