Valentine's Day Decorations: Wreath & Bell Jar

Valentine's Day is upon us and, before the occasion passed, I wanted to share our Valentine's wreath and show you how I decorated our Bell Jar (aka a Cloche or Glass Dome) for the occasion. I like to make wreaths for every holiday and season. Wreaths are one of those first impression items that say something about you, so I want my wreaths to convey hospitality and joy with a dash of whimsy as well as be a sign of the season. 
Valentine's Day Wreath
Valentine's Day Garland Wreath with miniature roses on a white heart background

I had some pink Christmas garland and thought it would make a cute wreath for Valentine's Day. I am a traditional heart-red girl, but I really like the sparkly pink/white of the tinsel and thought it would be a nice change. Also, the glittery tinsel is a shiny counterpoint to the soft, muted tones of the roses and wooden heart.

 I received the Bell Jar (aka Cloche, Glass Dome) for Christmas this year and have been  trying to learn how to style it
(7 Ideas For Styling Your Bell Jar aka Cloche). 
Since February's main holiday was Valentine's Day, I decided to make that the theme of the Bell Jar (it sure beats styling for Groundhog Day!). I decided to start with natural elements...a twig and a potato. I painted both white and used the potato as a base for the twig so it could stand up. 
Bell Jar decoration supplies
Bell Jar decoration supplies

Then I added paper hearts to the twig, which became a heart tree, as well as tiny wired pearls. I set it on a white doily and scattered miniature silk pink roses around the base.
Heart Tree for Valentine's Day without the Bell Jar
Heart Tree for Valentine's Day without the Bell Jar

Finally I took a large glitter heart from last year's Valentine's wreath and added it to the tree as the focal point. It looks lovely, and I even like how reflections on the glass create a kind of halo effect. 
Valentine's Day Heart Tree Bell Jar aka Glass Dome
Valentine's Day Heart Tree Bell Jar aka Glass Dome


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