DIY Desktop Supply Organizer: Recycled Boxes

It is staggering to think about the stuff we throw away rather than reusing, re-purposing, or recycling it. Speaking of recycling, I made this desktop supply organizer over the course of a day and actually had fun doing it! I made my first desk organizer from recycled boxes some years ago during an Earth Week challenge and felt a great sense of accomplishment knowing I was helping the environment as well as myself. I believe we are to be good stewards to all we've been given, and that includes this space sphere we call Earth. 

After seeing the desk organizer pictured below for $90 on a popular member-only shopping site, and then again on a office supply site for $40, I knew I could make my own for $0! I used old boxes that we normally throw away and craft supplies that I already had on hand.  I hope you will be inspired to look at your garbage a second time and see what you can create! 
Photo source: Biggestbook.com

 Here's how I made my desk organizer. 

Supplies Used:
various boxes rescued from file 13  (use whatever you have on hand!)
Craft Paint
Hot Glue
Craft sticks or Popsicle sticks (2)
Mod Podge
Scrapbook papers 
utility knife

I used the photo above as a quasi-template. I started by cutting the top flap of a yogurt box off and flipping it over to become the middle divider. To support the middle divider (I didn't want it to sag once I loaded it with my supplies), I broke a craft stick in half and trimmed it to the right height and glued it to the front inside edges to stabilize it.

I hot glued each section in place as I worked on the organizer which adds to its stability. 

Next, I used a Moon Pie snack box to create the little cubby on the bottom left. I opted to omit the drawer as seen on the inspiration organizer.

Finally, I cut the end off of a Water Bob box and placed it in the upper right corner, to create my first storage section. I added another portion of the Moon Pie box to divide the upper right portion into a smaller section.   

Once the desk organizer was assembled, I painted it black. The next step was adding to scrapbook paper to the facade using Mod Podge. It still seemed plain to me so I cut out inspiring words from  scrapbook paper and added them in graffiti style. 

I added one final coat of Mod Podge over everything. I could hardly wait for it to dry to load it up and start using it!

Fun and rewarding project! Do you like to reuse, repurpose and recycle? Not sure? Check out my REcycle, REuse, REpurpose Pinterest board. 
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