Easter Wreath with Paper Lilies

For the Easter holiday I made a wreath. I haven't had much spare time lately due to the work I do helping the hubby with end-of-year school and track needs. I am thrilled to be able to help him but unfortunately I have not figured out how to clone myself or bridge the time-space continuum so some things get pushed back or dropped from my To-Do wish list. 

Anyhow, I am sure I am not alone in my struggle to get more done in the time that I have! So my project was simple this Easter and I did have fun doing it. 

Easter Wreath with Paper Lilies
Easter Wreath with Paper Lilies

Supplies used make the wreath
  • grapevine wreath
  • 2 pieces of pallet wood (cross)
  • thin floral wire
  • twine
  • ribbon -  blue and silver
  • craft stick
  • paint pens
  • white paper
  • tape
  • scissors
  • hot glue
  • artificial flower parts (lily stamen)

How To:
I used an old grapevine wreath that had previously been painted yellow. I left it that way so it would stand out more against my brown door. I did wrap it in a silver ribbon to help brighten it up but it looked fine without the ribbon had I chose to omit it.

Then I wired a cross made of pallet wood to the wreath. I added a little twine to the cross piece to make it look more rustic and to obscure the nail. 

My next step was to add paper lilies to the cross symbolizing the resurrection. I found the Handy Lily idea on Pinterest. To make 
handy lilies, simply trace your hand on a piece of  white printer paper (I exaggerated the size of the hand because I wanted the petals to be wider than my fingers). Cut out the traced hand and fold the sides together at the wrist area creating a cone. Now take a straight edge like a ruler and curl the fingers back away from the center like you would do with curling ribbon. Isn't is amazing how it now looks like a lily? So neat! 

Handy Paper Lilies
Handy Paper Lilies
Now I happened to have some crafty doo-dads (they are bundles of little white faux pearls on the end of little thin wires that I received in a box of goodies from my fairy craft mother)  that made perfect stamen for the center of the lily. I simply added a dab of hot glue to the wire and dropped them into the center of each lily.  

I attached the lilies to the cross and added a bit of blue ribbon and a craft stick (painted black) with the words "He Is Risen" to the cross to finish the wreath. 


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